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Volunteer Note-Takers Wanted


Accessibility Services requires reliable volunteers to serve as note-takers this academic year. Volunteer note-takers play an important role in supporting students with disabilities achieve their academic goals. Students who require note-taking services may have difficulties taking notes due to a documented learning, physical, sensory, mental health disability or medical condition.


Note-Taker Responsibilities:

  • Attend your classes regularly and take complete notes
  • Upload notes ot the note-taker database within 24 hours of each class
  • Complete the online note-taker training module
  • Notify Accessibility Services if any issues arise (i.e. you missed a lecture, you dropped the course, the note-taker database is not working, etc.)

Benefits of Volunteering:

  • Receive a Co-Curricular Record (CCR) notation
  • Develop and enhance your organizational and note-taking skills
  • Contribute toward an accessible and inclusive community
  • Help others and give back to your community
  • Receive a letter of reference (upon request)

To become a Volunteer Note Taker:

  1. Click on the 'Courses/Notes' link on the top menu
  2. Log in with your UTORid & password
  3. Select the courses for which you are interested in being a volunteer note-taker
  4. Upload a sample of your lecture notes for each course. If you have typed notes, please upload them directly online. If you have handwritten notes, please scan your notes at home or use the high-speed scanner in the main office (room 2037, Davis Building) 
  5. Check your UofT email regularly as you will receive an email notification if your notes are selected. Only selected note-takers are required to provide notes for every class.

Length of commitment: Selected note-takers are committed for the duration of the academic term.  If your schedule changes (i.e. you dropped the course), please notify Accessibility Services immediately.

For more information, please contact:



or visit our website: www.utm.utoronto.ca/access